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Some Heating, Cooling, and Air Quality Plans for 2016

The New Year has arrived, and you’re probably already making plans for various home improvement projects for the coming 12 months. We’d like to take this opportunity to offers a few or our own suggestions for ways to improve your home’s heating and cooling system, as well as its indoor air quality. And they’re remarkably easy jobs to do, since you only need to give us a call to arrange for fast and effective service!

Upgrade those old thermostats

Here’s an excellent way to boost both heating and cooling in your home: have those 10-year-old manual or no-frills digital thermostats updated to the newest in climate control technology. We especially recommend looking into Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats that provide you an immense amount of control over comfort and energy use in the house… from almost anywhere!

Arrange for regular heating and air conditioning maintenance

If you haven’t signed up for our maintenance program yet, make this the year that you do it! Our regular maintenance will see that your heating and air conditioning system both receive yearly check-ups that will keep them working at their peak and with little danger of breaking down. An investment in regular maintenance is an investment in the long-term success of your HVAC system.

Have the air ducts sealed

You may not realize it, but your ducts are probably costing you money. Even a few air leaks in the ventilation system can result in a significant loss of air through the ducts walls, which means heating and cooling energy going to waste. Professionals can seal your ducts to increase energy efficiency, as well as keep debris from getting inside them.

Install air purifiers and filters

You may not think that your home needs filters and air purifiers to remove contaminants… but the truth may come as an unpleasant surprise! Contact us to find out about the ways we can see that the members of your household breathe only the healthiest quality air.

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