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The Ways That High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces Use Less Energy

Saving money with heating and cooling in a home is something that’s on people’s minds more than ever. It’s not enough that you receive adequate temperatures through the year; you want to make sure that you don’t pay more for it than necessary. With the advancing technology of heating and air conditioning, it is now easier than ever to have an energy-saving HVAC system in your home.

Winter has arrived, and although that won’t mean freezing temperatures in Southern California, it still mean some cool days and colder nights when your home’s furnace will need to run. If you’re looking to have a new furnace installed this season, consider some of the high-efficiency models available. The best of them can reach an AFUE rating of 97%, which means only 3% of the fuel goes to waste. Below are some of the methods these high-efficiency furnaces use:

A second heat exchanger

In condensing furnaces, there is a second heat exchanger that collects the leftover combustion gas from the chamber of the first exchanger. This vapor goes through condensation in the second heat exchanger, which makes it release additional heat. The furnace makes a much more efficient use of natural gas in this way.

Multi-stage burners

The conventional furnaces only has one setting for the burners that create heat: they’re on or they’re off. You have no choice except to run the burners at maximum power. But a multi-stage burner allows the furnace to run on a lower power setting when it isn’t necessary to run at top power. This saves energy and prevents the furnace from going through short-cycling.

Variable-speed blower motors

The concept here is similar to the multi-stage burner: the motor that runs the blower fan can run at two different capacities, and will stay at the lower, energy-saving capacity unless it’s necessary to work harder. These furnaces are also quieter than standard furnaces.

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