Yucaipa, CA Air Conditioning FAQs by Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning

  • ow often does air conditioning need to be replaced?

    You’ll hear a lot of variation on this question, however, most modern air conditioning units will last 10–15 years if they are properly maintained. The maintenance is the real key to reducing the costly expense of replacement. Keep in mind as well that newer systems designed to minimize workload and provide energy efficient cooling can last even longer if properly maintained. If you have your cooling unit serviced annually and check it yourself periodically, anywhere from 15–20 years is possible.

  • What are signs of wear and tear on an air conditioner?

    If you notice that your air conditioner is starting to wear down, it doesn’t always mean a replacement is necessary. However, some issues are more severe than others. The first sign will be an increase in electricity use to run your air conditioner. You may also notice that the cooling unit starts to turn on and off frequently, cooling your house unevenly as it pumps different amounts of air into different parts of the house.

    If you have a newer model that is less than 5 years old, most issues should be handled through regular maintenance of your air conditioner. Have your coils cleaned and air conditioning units checked at least once a year.

    However, if you have a unit that’s more than 10 years old, a replacement unit may serve to alleviate these problems and cuts down on energy use, as most newer models are far more efficient than those made 10 or more years ago.

  • What type of air conditioner should I get?

    There are a number of different types of air conditioners, though most homeowners will decide between split systems and packaged air conditioning units. Some homeowners who want to cool specific rooms or have limited spacing, a ductless split unit may be the answer.

    Whether you are looking for a split system or package unit, these systems will require an installation of ductwork. A qualified technician can provide most of the answers to your questions and decide what the best system would be for your individual needs and your home’s application.

Ductless Split FAQs
  • What are Ductless Splits:

    Ductless split air conditioning and heating systems provide optimal temperature control to one or more rooms in your home without the use of conventional air ducts. These systems utilize an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, both of which are compact and can be placed in very small or confined spaces.

    The outdoor unit supplies the heating or cooling element to the indoor unit, which then takes in room air, heats or cools it, and then returns it to general circulation. Ductless split systems come in many different sizes and models so you can easily select the right one for your particular needs.

  • What are the Advantages of Ductless Split Systems?

    With ductless split systems, you can enjoy the comfort of central air or heating no matter what the layout or dynamics of your home. Installing ductwork is a big job and can disrupt your life for a considerable amount of time. Ducts also take up a lot of space, so you’ll need to have that type of space to work with in all of the areas of your home that you want to be able to heat and cool.

    Ductless systems, on the other hand, take up much less space and can be installed virtually anywhere. Both the outdoor and indoor components are compact, so you don’t need to worry about having enough space in and around your home.

    These types of ductless systems are also generally more energy efficient than the traditional duct-based systems, so you’ll save on energy costs as an added bonus. Ductless systems also have an individual thermostat for each room, so you’ll have greater control over which rooms are being heated and cooled at any given time.

  • How many rooms can a Ductless Split System Service?

    There are quite a few different sizes and types of ductless split heating and cooling systems. Depending on your needs, you can select a system that’s appropriate for one room or zone in our house, or you can opt for a larger system that will heat and cool as many as 8 rooms.

    The flexibility of ductless split systems makes it easy to find exactly the right model for your particular needs. You don’t need to worry about spending too much or too little or about your system not being powerful enough to keep your home comfortable. Depending on the size, one outdoor unit can supply any number of indoor units, which means that you’ll essentially have the convenience of central heating and air without the hassle and expense.

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