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Air Conditioner Tune Up FAQs

How often do I need an air conditioner tune up?
Your manufacturer will tell you how often to have an air conditioner tune up. It will likely be an annual or biennial thing. At the very least, or if you cannot find this information from your manufacturer, have an air conditioner tune up once per year.

A tune up is important for keeping your air conditioner in good working order. It cleans your systems and ensures all the parts are working properly. Without it, issues can develop. You do not want this, as it can cause the system to fail or raise your electricity bill.

What goes into an air conditioner tune up?
At Russell’s, we examine all aspects of your air conditioner during our tune up procedure. We spend extra time cleaning your condenser coils. Dirty condenser coils can be a fire hazard. They can also reduce the system’s efficiency.

In addition to cleaning the condenser coils, we will also inspect all other parts of the system. This includes the ductwork, blower components, and refrigerant levels. Any moving parts will be cleaned and lubricated. Such an overhaul of the air conditioner ensures that it remains efficient and in proper working order.

What are the signs that I need an air conditioner tune up?
In general, you should keep a yearly air conditioner tune up appointment on the books. You could also schedule it twice per year. With air conditioners, preventive maintenance is always preferred. You do not want to wait until something breaks to have your air conditioner looked at. Air conditioning is just too important in the Yucaipa Valley.

There are some signs that you need an air conditioner tune up. The first is dirty condenser coils. Another is dusty air in your home. Finally, if your air conditioner is not blowing cold air or has low airflow, you should consider a tune up.

Will tune ups make my air conditioner last longer?
Yes. Tune ups not only make your air conditioner more efficient; they can also help it last longer. Dirty and un-lubricated parts will corrode and wear out a lot faster than clean parts. This is why preventative maintenance like tune ups are so important for air conditioners.

The average air conditioner is expected to last 12-15 years. These are expensive pieces of equipment, especially whole-house systems. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want to get the maximum lifespan possible. Regular tune ups are a great way to ensure a long-lasting air conditioner.

Why are air conditioner tune ups important?
You likely use your air conditioner for half the year or more when you live in Yucaipa Valley. That means a lot of wear-and-tear on the system. Regular tune ups are an important component of air conditioner maintenance. They keep the system clean and lubricated. This results in a more efficient and long-lasting machine. Regular tune ups also ensure that there the air conditioner is not a safety hazard.


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