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San Bernardino, CA Air Conditioning and Heating Services by Russell's Heating & Air ConditioningA broken furnace system in the cooler months or a poorly running air conditioning system in the warmer months are the absolute last things you want to deal with in your home or office. Trust the professional team at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Calimesa to ensure your home’s heating and air conditioning systems are performing at maximum efficiency.

Since 1980, we’ve proudly served our friends and neighbors right here in Calimesa and the surrounding communities. We are proud of our legacy of service and we are honored to deliver the highest quality diagnostic, repair, and new installation services for all of your home heating and air conditioning needs.

Our expert team of certified technicians performs routine tune-ups and maintenance to keep your home heating and air conditioning systems running smoothly. We have the skills and expertise to diagnose and fix even the most complex heating or AC issues to restore maximum comfort to your home.

Why choose Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning?
  • Free estimates on all new installations
  • 24/7 availability for emergency heating or AC repair services
  • A legacy of service…family-owned and operated since 1980
  • Highly-trained, certified (and friendly!) professionals
  • Maintenance payment plan, financing available
  • Rewards program with special promotions, offers, discounts, coupons
  • Exceptional service, on time, every time
AC Services

You rely on your air conditioning system to perform when the temperatures soar here in southern California. Our Calimesa air conditioning technicians are professionally trained to install a new AC system or perform repairs on your existing system to keep it running at maximum efficiency so you and your family can enjoy your home in cool comfort during the warmer temperatures.

We install and service heat pumps, central AC, ductless mini split air conditioning systems, and more. We aim to achieve 100% complete satisfaction and we’re committed to delivering you the highest quality products and services and we do it right — on time and on budget.

For 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair services in Calimesa, you can count on Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning.

And for new AC installations, we offer free estimates and a standard one-year guarantee on every new installations, over and above the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact your professional air conditioning team at Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning in Calimesa today for all of your air conditioning needs.

Plumbing Services

At Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning in Calimesa, no plumbing job is too big or too small. We can handle all your plumbing needs from new installation to repairs, major leaks, clean outs, and new toilet and plumbing installation.

We offer comprehensive plumbing repair and installation services. In fact, we believe the preventive maintenance and so-called “small fixes”, are often what prevent bigger and more costly problems down the road.

Our team of plumbing service professionals in Calimesa are dedicated to providing every one of our customers with the highest quality, comprehensive plumbing services including:

  • Plumbing leak detection
  • Plumbing repair
  • Water leak repair
  • Sewer clean out
  • Water quality detection
  • Water softener, purification, and filter installation
  • Toilet repair and new toilet installation

100% Customer Satisfaction is our goal, always. We offer convenient, on-time scheduling as well as 24/7 emergency services for your peace of mind.

Ductwork Services

The ductwork in your home is the vital network that carries air throughout every corner of your home. It’s what heats and cools your home and quite honestly, you probably don’t give it much thought..until it isn’t working well.

One of the less obvious symptoms of a problem or issue with your ductwork is higher utility bills. When your system has problems running efficiently, it must work harder to push air along. Another more obvious symptom is strange and unusual noises coming from your home’s floors or walls. Each of these symptoms could be indications of problems with the efficiency of your ductwork and ventilation system. Which means you need to call Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning, your trusted professionals for ductwork services and repairs in Calimesa.

Did you know that even the tiniest cracks or holes in your ductwork can cause major problems? To start, they can cause up to 30% of air in your ductwork to escape or leak out. This loss of energy forces your system to work even harder to make up for the lost air. And if your system is working harder than necessary to blow warm or cool air into your home, it probably means you’re paying a much higher utility bill than necessary.

To save money and restore comfort and efficiency to your home, trust the professionals at Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning in Calimesa. Our highly trained team diagnoses and repairs forced-air systems such as Central AC, furnaces and heat pumps to return them to maximum running efficiency. Additionally, our team will fix any pinched or clogged ductwork and they will identify and repair any holes or cracks to get your home heating and cooling system back to running at maximum efficiency — protecting your investment and saving you time and money in the long term.

Contact the Calimesa ductwork services repair team at Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning today for a free consultation.

A Tradition of Service

We modeled our business after our grandfather’s simple philosophy: to deliver the highest quality product along with outstanding customer service to every customer, every time.

This philosophy, along with his commitment to total customer satisfaction, is what inspired him to open his own successful HVAC business in San Bernardino back in 1933 and it’s at the heart of all that we do in our business today. It is our great honor and privilege to carry on the family tradition in a legacy of service to you.

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