Calimesa’s number one choice for furnace and heating services, repairs, and installations.

Our team is committed to helping your home stay comfortable all year round. Which is why we provide expert service no matter what your needs may be. From routine maintenance to keep your home heating system in good working order, to small or larger heating and furnace repairs, to the recommendation and professional installation of a brand new heating system, you can trust the team at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Calimesa.

Need 24/7 emergency furnace or heating repair services? We’ve got you covered.

New Furnace Installation in Calimesa

When it’s time to replace or upgrade your home’s furnace or heating system, choose the professionals at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Calimesa. Our certified technicians are trained experts on the latest models of home heating systems. And, after conducting a free home analysis, they will make a professional recommendation for the best furnace or heating system to meet all your needs and deliver warmth and comfort to your home.

Our team is reliable, trusted, and Calimesa’s number one choice for new furnace installation. We are family owned and operated and have proudly served our friends and neighbors in Calimesa for 40 years.

With every new home furnace installation, we proudly offer:

  • Free consultation and in-home analysis to determine your home heating needs
  • Friendly, dedicated professionals who get the job done right and on time
  • Free estimates with every new furnace installation
Furnace Maintenance in Calimesa

Regular, routine maintenance is essential to keeping your furnace and home heating system in top working condition. Our trained technicians will perform routine maintenance and troubleshooting to identify and resolve any small issues and keep your furnace and home heating system working well for years to come.

Expert Furnace Repair Services in Calimesa

When your furnace or home heating system breaks down or doesn’t seem to be performing as efficiently as it has in the past, give us a call. Our team of highly trained technicians will quickly identify and resolve small or larger issues to get your furnace back to running efficiently.

Our team will help restore comfort to your home. And, when your furnace or heating system breaks down unexpectedly, give our team a call for emergency 24/7 furnace repair services.

We handle all furnace repairs, including some of the most common issues such as:

Strange Noises:

The only noise you should hear coming from your heating system is the soft steady whoosh of air gently forced into your home as you go about your day. Any other noises? Give us a call. At the first sounds of rattling, boiler squeaking or leaking, furnace or heat pump squealing or other unusual strange sounds, call the professionals at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning in Calimesa. Our team will quickly find the source of these noises and make the repairs needed to restore comfort to your home. 

Insufficient Heating:

When you’ve adjusted your thermostat but your home still isn’t warming up, give us a call. We can resolve any issues with electric baseboard heating, boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, and more. 

Clogged Air Filters:

This is by far the most common call our team receives. When dust, dirt, and other debris become trapped in your air filters, it prevent the filters from doing their job efficiently. Your air filter is designed to filter and force air through your system and into your home. Debris will slow it down and force it to work overtime. Let our Calimesa heating repair professionals fix your clogged filters and get your furnace and home heating system running efficiently. 

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