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Furnace Repair Services IN REDLANDS, YUCAIPA, PALM DESERT, CA AND THE SURROUNDING AREASIn the San Bernardino and Riverside county area when it gets cold we all want to ensure our heaters are working. Unfortunately, events happen to the units throughout the summer that requires repairs. Our technicians are available 24/7 for emergency heating service for those times that happen after hours. Our highly trained technicians have many years of experience working on varies types and brands of heating systems. Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning is your company when you want the job done right. Our company is dedicated to ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with their service. Give us a call to get on schedule at 909-797-5669.

Common Heating Issues.

Being in the HVAC business, our technicians have seen a lot of different issues that can arise with the heating systems. Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning knows how important it is for homeowners to keep their homes comfortable. Here are a few common issues that can happen with the heating system in your home.

Not Enough Heating

A lot of the call we receive during the winter is no heats. This is when the heater is running but you are not getting warm air out of your ventilation system. A lot of issues can be the cause of this, give us a call at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning our trained technicians can come out 24/7 to get your unit up and running again.

Strange Noise

Do you hear noises coming from your heating system? This can be coming for different components within the heating system.

Furnace rattling– If your heater is making a rattling noise that could be an urgent call to a trained professional. Rattling noises can indicate that the heat exchanger is cracked and leaking carbon monoxide into the ventilation system in your home.

Furnace Repair FAQs

What are common problems that require furnace repair?
Furnaces should last 15-30 years before they need to be replaced. But, that doesn’t mean that they never need any repairs. Regular furnace inspection and maintenance are essential for keeping your furnace in good working order.

Some furnace problems are more common than others. Here are a few of the most common reasons you need furnace repair.

  • Dirty or damaged filter. It is important to replace your filter on the correct schedule. Otherwise, you may be left with a less efficient and more expensive furnace.
  • Faulty igniter or flame sensor. Problems with the igniter or flame sensor are fairly common with a furnace. The igniter can be faulty because of dirt or grime buildup. A faulty flame sensor makes it hard for the furnace to burn fuel properly. A bad flame sensor can cause furnace failure.
  • A failed motor. Your furnace needs the motor to run. Old motors can occasionally fail. Motor replacements can be costly, and it may make more sense to choose a furnace replacement.

When do I need emergency furnace repairs?
If your furnace fails overnight or on the weekend, it can be hard to get it repaired promptly. Most regular heating and cooling companies will not be working. Unfortunately, in the winter, a furnace failure can be deadly. You will need furnace repair as soon as possible.

Thankfully, there are emergency furnace repair companies. Just be prepared to pay a premium for their services. Often these companies charge an emergency repair surcharge for all after-hours repairs.

How much does furnace repair cost?
The cost of furnace repairs varies depending on the type of furnace and issue you have. You can expect to pay between $50-$2000 for a furnace repair. That is, obviously, a huge range. You can find a breakdown of the potential costs by part here.

If you are worried about the cost of repairs, discuss the issue with your technician. After their inspection, they will provide you with a quote. Use that information to determine if repairs or furnace replacement is right for you.

How do I avoid furnace repairs?
No matter the problem, it will cost you money to fix. It is best to try and avoid needing furnace repairs at all. Admittedly, this is not always possible. But, there are a couple of things you can do to decrease the need for furnace repairs.

  • Have regular furnace maintenance. Furnace tune-ups are essential for extending the life of your furnace. Regular maintenance can find any problems when they are small before you need extensive repairs.
  • Change your filter on time. A second way to reduce the need for furnace repairs is to replace or clean your filter on time. Your owner’s manual will let you know when to change the filter. Following that schedule keep the filter from becoming clogged and potentially stressing the furnace.

What are the signs my furnace needs repairs?
There are clear signs that it is time to call a furnace repair technician. They include the following.

  • Little or no airflow through the vents.
  • Problems keeping your home’s temperature consistent.
  • Cold or lukewarm air from the vents.
  • Clanging or banging.
  • Higher heating bills. 

Give our friendly technicians a call at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning 24/7 for any issues that arise with your heating system.

Let’s get started on your heating repair project. Call Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning or fill out our online form and one of our specialists will get back to you right away. We appreciate the opportunity to earn a 5-star review!
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