Get Savings When You Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up in November

Do you find it all too easy to forget about arranging for service for your furnace during the fall? Look, we understand: when you live in a place like Southern California, which is famous for its sunny climate and mild winters, you don’t give as much thought to keeping your home warm as you do to keeping it cool.

But you still need to have the furnace inspected and tuned-up each year. You will need it at some point, and we may be in for an especially rainy winter this year. Furnaces that don’t receive annual inspections put your household at a number of risks, such as…

  • Safety hazards – Although a gas furnace is not an inherently “dangerous” heating system, any device that uses natural gas poses a possibility of carbon monoxide leaks. Maintenance is partially a safety inspection for your furnace, and you’ll have greater peace of mind thanks to it.
  • Higher bills – You only use your furnace for a portion of the winter, so you don’t want to pay enormous bills for those times. Regular maintenance will see that the furnace works at its most efficiently.
  • Shorter equipment life – A furnace that has no maintenance is a furnace that will break down much earlier than it should. You don’t want to pay to replace a furnace five to ten years prematurely.

It’s easy to start with furnace maintenance. You only need to give our heating specialists a call and sign up for our regular maintenance. In fact, during November we are offering a $55 Early Bird Special for furnace tune-ups. Get a jump on the cold weather and contact us today to arrange for your furnace inspection and tune-up.

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Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning working at Salvation Army!

We recently completed a service on the Salvation Army’s San Bernardino Men’s residence building for the HVAC systems. Our techs went out and performed full preventative maintenance tune ups on multiple rooftop systems, including Fujitsu split systems. We are proud to provide service work within the local community. Take a look at the pics below to see our techs; Johnny, Paul, Chris and Ricky, working away to help prolong the life of these units!

Remember to call us today for all of your heating and air conditioning service and installation needs!

Start the New Year with an HVAC Maintenance Plan!

Are you making New Year’s resolutions? Or simply planning for 2017? We would like to suggest an item to add to your list: signing up for our HVAC maintenance plan. This program provides you with regular service for your air conditioning system and whatever type of heater you have installed. There’s no better way to save money with your cooling/heating and make the equipment reliable year after year.

What Professional HVAC Maintenance Does

Maintaining heating and air conditioning equipment isn’t something that you can do yourself (aside from a few tasks such as routinely changing the air filter in a forced-air system). It takes trained and licensed HVAC experts to do all the necessary inspections, cleanings, and adjustments. And if you use a gas-powered heater, only licensed professionals are allowed to work on it in most jurisdictions because of potential safety hazards.

Here is what HVAC maintenance provides you:

  • Peace of mind: Particularly during the roasting summers we experience in the So. Cal deserts, you don’t want to worry that your HVAC equipment will abruptly break down. Nobody wants to scramble to get repair technicians out the fix the equipment. Maintenance protects your AC and heater from surprise malfunctions. It can’t prevent every problem, but it will still put your mind at ease throughout the year.
  • Energy conservation: A heater or AC that isn’t regularly tuned-up will decline just like a car without maintenance. It means more work for less result—which is a big energy waste. You’ll save energy and money every year thanks to maintenance.
  • Extended equipment life: Any type of air conditioner or heater that misses out on routine maintenance is in danger of having a short service life. You don’t want to spend money to replace an HVAC system years before its time. Thanks to a maintenance program, you’ll be able to get the maximum effective life span from your AC and heater.

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Is It Worth It to Sign Up for an HVAC Maintenance Program?

Here is a piece of advice that you will hear from any professional heating and air conditioning contractor: you should sign up for a regular maintenance program to take care of your AC and heater during the year. The standard maintenance program includes a spring tune-up and inspection for the air conditioning system, followed in the autumn with the same service for the heating system.

People are always cautious when signing up for any type of regular program. They want to know if the benefits are really worth it. With heating and air conditioning maintenance, the answer is an emphatic yes! Getting started with maintenance now (preparing your home’s heater) provides many benefits. Here are a few of the ways that a maintenance program will pay you back across the years.

It Reduces Repairs

A large number of repairs that a heater or air conditioner may require (around 85%) occur because the system didn’t receive routine maintenance. This is one of the reasons that annual maintenance service is often referred to a “preventive” maintenance: it prevents the majority of repairs costs you may incur.

It Protects Energy Efficiency

You want your home’s comfort system to work at the highest energy efficiency level possible: the more efficient it is, the less you pay to run it. But HVAC efficiency will decline over time if the system doesn’t receive routine adjustments and cleanings. Each year that an AC or heater goes without maintenance will result in a 5% fall in efficiency, and that will quickly lead to much higher costs.

It Delays Replacement

The most expensive “repair” that an AC or heater may require is to replace the entire system when it has its final breakdown. You will need to replace the system eventually, but regular maintenance prolongs its lifespan so you get a the best possible return on your initial investment.

Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers an excellent heating and air conditioning maintenance program in Cathedral City, CA. Call our offices today for exceptional customer service.