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Is It Worth It to Sign Up for an HVAC Maintenance Program?

Here is a piece of advice that you will hear from any professional heating and air conditioning contractor: you should sign up for a regular maintenance program to take care of your AC and heater during the year. The standard maintenance program includes a spring tune-up and inspection for the air conditioning system, followed in the autumn with the same service for the heating system.

People are always cautious when signing up for any type of regular program. They want to know if the benefits are really worth it. With heating and air conditioning maintenance, the answer is an emphatic yes! Getting started with maintenance now (preparing your home’s heater) provides many benefits. Here are a few of the ways that a maintenance program will pay you back across the years.

It Reduces Repairs

A large number of repairs that a heater or air conditioner may require (around 85%) occur because the system didn’t receive routine maintenance. This is one of the reasons that annual maintenance service is often referred to a “preventive” maintenance: it prevents the majority of repairs costs you may incur.

It Protects Energy Efficiency

You want your home’s comfort system to work at the highest energy efficiency level possible: the more efficient it is, the less you pay to run it. But HVAC efficiency will decline over time if the system doesn’t receive routine adjustments and cleanings. Each year that an AC or heater goes without maintenance will result in a 5% fall in efficiency, and that will quickly lead to much higher costs.

It Delays Replacement

The most expensive “repair” that an AC or heater may require is to replace the entire system when it has its final breakdown. You will need to replace the system eventually, but regular maintenance prolongs its lifespan so you get a the best possible return on your initial investment.

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