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Heat Pumps Need Fall Maintenance as Well!

While we’re on the topic of regular maintenance, we would like to bring up the subject of heat pumps. Because heat pumps are single units that do two different jobs, some homeowners think that they only need to have maintenance done once a year. After all, an air conditioner only needs to have maintenance once, in spring, and a heater only needs maintenance once, in fall.

It’s very important if you live in the Desert Communities, where the heat is intense during the summer, that you schedule maintenance for your heat pump during the spring. That way the system is ready to keep you cool during the tough regimen it undergoes throughout the summer. However, you also need to schedule the heat pump for maintenance in the fall.

The Work Schedule of the Heat Pump

Why does a heat pump need maintenance twice annually? Because it does twice the amount of work annually that an air conditioner or a heating system does. You can expect to have your heat pump running throughout the year. In a desert climate it will operate in cooling mode for most months, keeping a house cool from March until November, and even come on a few times in the other months. But when it isn’t in cooling mode, there’s a good chance it will be in heating mode, especially during winter nights. Your heat pump doesn’t really experience a season when it takes an extended break of any kind.

And that is why it’s vital that you arrange to have maintenance for it in fall as well. This inspection and tune-up will see that the heat pump is still able to handle whatever cooling duties remain ahead of it after the rough summer, and that it can handle changing over to heating mode. Your heat pump does plenty of work, so make sure that it receives the same level of care!

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