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What Problems Can Heating Maintenance Address?

The weather here in the Desert Communities is still soaring in the 80s and low 90s, but that doesn’t mean we can simply forget about the dormant heating systems in our homes. We are definitely going to need them at some point in the coming months, and it’s vital that they are working at their best, ready to switch on a moment’s notice. We’ve already talked a bit about how the fall is an ideal time to schedule your annual heating maintenance visit. Now we would not like to take a closer look at the sorts of problems you can prevent and address with maintenance.

Burnt-out motors

Motors form a part of most heating systems, and they are an essential part of any forced-air heater such as a furnace or heat pump. Without motors, there are no working fans to send out the conditioned air. Motors suffer from mechanical stress as they run, and unless they receive regular lubrication and cleaning (which maintenance provides) to see that they do not suffer from too much mechanical friction, they will eventually overheat and fuse their wiring. A burnt-out motor must be replaced.

Miscalibrated thermostats

Checking the thermostat is part of maintenance, and this will make sure that the thermostat’s heat sensors are working properly. A miscalibrated thermostat will cause the heater to turn on and off at the wrong times, leading to inadequate heating and an overstressed system.

Potential safety issues

This is principally important for gas-powered furnaces and radiant heating systems. During maintenance, the technician will check over the gas line and the burners and heat exchangers to make sure there are no issues that might lead to carbon monoxide leaks. A gas-powered heater that receives annual maintenance will work at maximum safety levels, giving you invaluable peace of mind.

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