How Effective Duct Insulation Benefits You

Insulation is a word that has a different meaning for people who live in warm climates—like here in Southern California—than it does for people in colder places. For homeowners who are used to chilly winters, insulation is what they have in the walls and attics of their houses to keep heat stored inside and stop chilly drafts. Where we live, insulation is something that keeps out the heat.

There’s another use for insulation in a home, however, that is beneficial anywhere: duct insulation. It’s important that the air ducts that carry both heated and cooled air around your home have sufficient insulation in the right spots. Here’s why:

  • Lowers energy bills: The air moving through ducts can either lose or gain heat, and this makes the HVAC system far less efficient.
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Another Reason to Call Us: Personal Advice for Saving Money

On our blog, we often share tips with customers about how they can save money on their heating and air conditioning costs around the year. Below is a short summary of some we’ve discussed in the past:

  • Changing the air filter in the HVAC system regularly.
  • Installing a new thermostat with extra features and higher precision temperature settings.
  • Maintaining steady, energy-saving thermostat settings.
  • Replacing old heaters and air conditioners with high efficiency units.
  • Arranging for regular duct cleaning.
  • Improving the insulation of the ductwork.

Many of these services require the work of professionals, and that’s why we would like to offer what we think is the best advice for lowering your bills: contact us for assistance!

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