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How Effective Duct Insulation Benefits You

Insulation is a word that has a different meaning for people who live in warm climates—like here in Southern California—than it does for people in colder places. For homeowners who are used to chilly winters, insulation is what they have in the walls and attics of their houses to keep heat stored inside and stop chilly drafts. Where we live, insulation is something that keeps out the heat.

There’s another use for insulation in a home, however, that is beneficial anywhere: duct insulation. It’s important that the air ducts that carry both heated and cooled air around your home have sufficient insulation in the right spots. Here’s why:

  • Lowers energy bills: The air moving through ducts can either lose or gain heat, and this makes the HVAC system far less efficient. For example, during our many hot days, the cooled air inside ducts will pick up extra heat, forcing the AC to work longer and raising bills. Insulation slows down the movement of heat either from or into the ducts.
  • Makes a house more comfortable: You don’t want your home to lose/gain heat in any spot if you can help it, because it means unwanted hot or cold temperatures around the house. Insulating your ducts removes one of the key places where unwanted temperatures can infiltrate your home.
  • Stops condensation on the ducts: The changes in temperature along ducts can lead to the development of condensation, which is turn can cause damage to the duct and leaks. Insulation helps to prevent this. This also prevents mold that likes to grow in damp areas.
  • Lowers noise from the ducts: Ductwork can rattle around and make distracting popping sounds, even when it’s in the best condition. Insulation serves as a muffler for these sounds—and creates a quieter home in general.

Duct insulation requires the work of professionals to properly install. Simply give us a call and we’ll give you the help you need for the best in comfort and energy efficiency.

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