Why Your Heat Pump May Be Stuck in Cooling Mode

Heat pumps are an ideal comfort system for the climate of Southern California, since they combine a powerful air conditioning system with an energy-efficient heating system that can always overcome our mild winters.

Well… perhaps not always. A heat pump can malfunction and lose one or both of its modes. If you have turned your heat pump over to heating mode to deal with the arrival of cooler weather in Southern California, but you aren’t receiving warmth from it, than there is something wrong that will probably require a professional to fix. Check to see first if the thermostat is correctly set, and if it is, call on heat pump repair experts to look into what is wrong. Below are the two most common possibilities:

Broken reversing valve

The mostly likely cause for a heat pump to become stuck in one mode or another is a malfunction in the reversing valve.… Read more

Reminder: Heat Pumps Need Maintenance Twice a Year

This is the time of year when we remind homeowners in Southern California to prep for the coming heat (you know how intense the heat gets here in the desert!) by arranging for a regular maintenance visit from an HVAC professional. We offer superb air conditioning maintenance in Cathedral City, CA and the surrounding areas, so all you have to do is contact our office and we’ll be out to inspect and tune-up your home cooling system.

But I have a heat pump, and it was maintained in the fall

This is a common misunderstanding we run into, which is that heat pumps—systems that work as both air conditioners and heaters—only need maintenance service done once a year. Superficially, this makes some sense.… Read more

To Heat Pump or Not to Heat Pump? That Is the Cool Question

Russell's Heating and Air ConditioningAs you look toward the summer heat this year, do you think it’s time for a new air conditioning installation in Palm Desert, CA to keep your house cool? Temperatures are already rising into the 90s during the days, and if you think your current AC is no longer able to cut it, having professionals install a new air conditioner as soon as possible is the best planning. You don’t want to be caught on a 100°+ day with a busted AC.

But what if you don’t want a new air conditioning system? Maybe you want—a heat pump?

This is a big question homeowners in the area face when they plan to put in a new cooling system. They can have another central air conditioner installed, or they can opt for a heat pump, which is similar to the standard air conditioner and goes into the same space and uses the same ductwork and air handler.… Read more

Is a Heat Pump an Effective Air Conditioning Option for Yucaipa?

If you are wondering about whether you should have a heat pump installed to deal with the summer temperatures in Yucaipa, CA or other parts of the Inland Empire and the Desert Communities, than you probably already know something about how a heat pump operates. The concern that some people have about heat pumps is how well they work at doing the two halves of their job: heating and cooling. “Is a heat pump better at doing one than the other? And will it work for my home in particular?”

We’ll answer both those questions in this post.

A heat pump’s cooling power vs. heating power

If the main function of a heat pump in your home will be as an air conditioner—almost certainly the case if you live in Southern California—then you have nothing to worry about.… Read more

Heat Pumps Need Fall Maintenance as Well!

While we’re on the topic of regular maintenance, we would like to bring up the subject of heat pumps. Because heat pumps are single units that do two different jobs, some homeowners think that they only need to have maintenance done once a year. After all, an air conditioner only needs to have maintenance once, in spring, and a heater only needs maintenance once, in fall.

It’s very important if you live in the Desert Communities, where the heat is intense during the summer, that you schedule maintenance for your heat pump during the spring. That way the system is ready to keep you cool during the tough regimen it undergoes throughout the summer. However, you also need to schedule the heat pump for maintenance in the fall.… Read more

3 Ways That a Heat Pump Differs from an Air Conditioner

A popular choice for home comfort in the hot conditions of Southern California is a heat pump. Although the name may at first make it sound like a bad idea for a place that is warm for most of the year, a heat pump is able to move heat two different directions: out of your home, like a standard air conditioner, and into your home as well. Heat pumps work as effectively at cooling a home as a comparably-sized AC, and have the right level of energy efficiency to keep your home warm during the short periods of colder weather.

In most ways, a heat pumps works in the same fashion as an air conditioner. Both use indoor and outdoor units, circulate refrigerant to move heat, absorb and release heat through indoor and outdoor coils, and use a compressor to apply energy to the refrigerant.… Read more

Why Your Ductless System Isn’t Heating or Cooling Your Home Right

Russell's Heating and Air ConditioningWe’re at the time of year when you may need to have cooling power and heating power from your HVAC system during the same day. The weather remains warm through most of the year in Southern California, so air conditioners don’t get much of a break in winter. But our desert nights can get quite cool at this time of year, so having a heater ready to go is a necessity.

Having a ductless mini split heat pump is great for our climate because it can work as both a heater or air conditioner (just as with other heat pumps) and it only needs to run in occupied rooms, helping to save power. If it’s a cool night, you can just turn on the blower unit of the ductless system in a few rooms, or maybe even one, and not have to worry about the rest of the home.… Read more

Why Does Ice Form on My Heat Pump?

If you’ve used a heat pump in your home during the winter season, then you may have noticed the outside unit starting to ice over. This isn’t necessarily a problem, especially if the temperature outside is already sub-freezing. However, it’s still something that you should keep a close eye on. Let’s take a look at why your heat pump occasionally ices over, and when you should call a professional to take a look at it.

Why Your Heat Pump Has Ice on It

Your heat pump is composed of two parts, the inside unit and the outside unit. When the heat is turned on, the outside unit begins to evaporate refrigerant in a coil inside its casing. This absorbs the thermal energy from the surrounding air, so that the heat pump can use it to warm the home.… Read more