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To Heat Pump or Not to Heat Pump? That Is the Cool Question

Russell's Heating and Air ConditioningAs you look toward the summer heat this year, do you think it’s time for a new air conditioning installation in Palm Desert, CA to keep your house cool? Temperatures are already rising into the 90s during the days, and if you think your current AC is no longer able to cut it, having professionals install a new air conditioner as soon as possible is the best planning. You don’t want to be caught on a 100°+ day with a busted AC.

But what if you don’t want a new air conditioning system? Maybe you want—a heat pump?

This is a big question homeowners in the area face when they plan to put in a new cooling system. They can have another central air conditioner installed, or they can opt for a heat pump, which is similar to the standard air conditioner and goes into the same space and uses the same ductwork and air handler. The difference is a heat pump can also work as a heating system during the winter. Heat pumps are ideally suited to our mild winter climates; they never have energy efficiency trouble the way heat pumps in colder parts of the country might.

So should I just get a heat pump?

Not so fast! Making the choice for the installation of a new HVAC system shouldn’t be done on the fly or be based on an article or blog post you read online. (Including this one!) We recommend you first contact a professional heating and cooling company and arrange to have them look over your house and current HVAC system. They’ll perform a load calculation for the house to determine how much heating and cooling is necessary to effectively and efficiently keep it comfortable around the year. They’ll also take your budget into consideration to help you find the best system.

But we can give you some general ideas about when a heat pump is one of your best choices:

  • You’re planning to replace your heater soon as well: There’s no point in installing a heat pump if you only plan to use it for cooling. That’s a waste of money, since heat pumps cost more than standard air conditioners. If your current heater, such as a furnace, is getting old and you think it’s also ready for retirement along with the AC, then a heat pump is a great choice. You take care of both heating and cooling at the same time!
  • You want all-electric heating: Heat pumps are one of the best electric heating options around. They are far less expensive to run than electric furnaces. If you don’t want to use natural gas in your home but you’d also rather not pay high electric bills to run an electric furnace, the heat pump is one of your best options.
  • This is your first HVAC installation: If you aren’t looking to replace an air conditioner because this is the first air conditioner for a new house, a heat pump is a great place to start. You have your heating and cooling done at the same time.

Our HVAC experts will help you find the ideal heat pump or other HVAC system to meet your comfort needs and keep within your budget.

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