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My Air Conditioner Is Hissing: Is That Normal?

One of the ways that malfunctioning mechanical systems give warnings to their owners that they are developing faults is through unusual noises. You know that when the engine of your car begins to make shrieking or grinding sounds that something major is wrong and the vehicle needs a visit to a mechanic. In the same way, your home’s air conditioning system can give you important omens of a coming breakdown through odd noises. One in particular to watch out for that is a bit less noticeable than some other warning sounds is hissing.

Why your air conditioner is hissing

Does that hissing sound resemble the noise of a high-pressure gas escaping from a pipe? That’s probably exactlywhat it is. An air conditioner hissing usually means that refrigerant in its gaseous state is leaking from the refrigerant lines somewhere in the system, or from loose connections to the compressor. You need to call on professional repair technicians right away to deal with this issue.

Why is this such a problem?

The refrigerant in an air conditioner does not become used up as the system operates; the charge (the level of refrigerant) will not dissipate over time as the chemical blend evaporates and condenses—provided the AC is working normally. Leaks that lower the charge will also lower the air conditioner’s ability to cool. Worse, it will cause significant damage to the compressor, which is built to use a specific charge. When the charge drops, it puts the compressor at risk of overheating.

HVAC professionals can locate where the leaks are occurring using a number of techniques and advanced equipment. Once they have found where the refrigerant is escaping, they seal up the leaks, and then recharge the refrigerant to its proper level. They also check to see if the refrigerant loss caused damage anywhere else in the system (such as in the compressor or the development of ice along the coils) and remedy the problems.

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