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Is a Heat Pump an Effective Air Conditioning Option for Yucaipa?

If you are wondering about whether you should have a heat pump installed to deal with the summer temperatures in Yucaipa, CA or other parts of the Inland Empire and the Desert Communities, than you probably already know something about how a heat pump operates. The concern that some people have about heat pumps is how well they work at doing the two halves of their job: heating and cooling. “Is a heat pump better at doing one than the other? And will it work for my home in particular?”

We’ll answer both those questions in this post.

A heat pump’s cooling power vs. heating power

If the main function of a heat pump in your home will be as an air conditioner—almost certainly the case if you live in Southern California—then you have nothing to worry about. Heat pumps work as well as cooling systems as a standalone air conditioner of the same size. As long as you have professionals handling sizing the system and then installing it, you should have the right level of cooling to keep your household comfortable through the long summers.

Heat pumps are not as efficient as heating systems, but this shouldn’t cause you much concern: they only start to struggle with efficiency when the outdoor temperature drops below freezing, something that almost never happens in this area.

Is a heat pump your best option?

The answer to this question is: “Call us and we’ll find out.” Every home has different heating and cooling requirements, based on a variety of factors such as insulation, windows, appliances, and the number of people who live there. A heat pump isn’t always the best installation choice, but you need to let professionals help you make the decision.

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