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How Do Humidifiers Help with Indoor Air Quality?

Improving a home’s indoor air quality involves more than finding ways to remove unwanted particles that might be drifting around through the HVAC system and into the rooms. Often, finding the right humidity balance is essential for a healthy, comfortable, and protected indoor environment. Both air that is too dry and air that is too damp can result in serious problems. In this post, we’ll focus on the former, and how installing a whole-house humidifier can help you achieve much better indoor air quality.

Although you can purchase portable humidifiers from stores, these are not much good at solving humidity issues past a single small room, nor are they sized to achieve the ideal humidity balance. You need to have professionals install a whole-house humidifier that will do the job you need. Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning has the technicians who can get the right whole-house humidifier installed into your home’s HVAC system so you will enjoy better indoor air quality in Beaumont, CA.

How a humidifier makes for better air quality

Dry air is not healthy air. A number of viruses thrive and grow in dry environments. Viruses do not survive long when they are outside a human body, but the drier the air, the longer they can survive on surfaces in a house and transmit from one person to another. Because dry air often dries up sinuses, making them less prone to stopping infection from entering the nasal passage, illnesses can also be easily transmit from person to person. You might end up with a “sick” house because of dry air. There are other health troubles from dry air, such as irritated skin and eyes and sore throats. A humidifier can solve all these problems if it receives proper installation work and regular maintenance from professionals.

A humidifier will also help you enjoy air that feels better, especially during the winter months. Excessively dry air will pull out moisture faster from your body and make you feel colder than you should be. Balanced humidity thanks to a whole-house humidifier will keep you warner during the winter months, which will help not only with comfort but with reducing heating bills.

Finally, a humidifier helps protect a home from the damage that dry air can cause to wooden surfaces, paint layers, and wallpaper. This is even more important if you have precision wooden instruments in your home.

Find the right humidifier for your indoor air quality

Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to helping you achieve the highest indoor air quality in Beaumont, CA possible.

We will balance your home’s humidity levels with a humidifier or dehumidifier; call us today and let us select the humidifier that will protect your home and family from excessive dry air.

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