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Get Savings When You Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up in November

Do you find it all too easy to forget about arranging for service for your furnace during the fall? Look, we understand: when you live in a place like Southern California, which is famous for its sunny climate and mild winters, you don’t give as much thought to keeping your home warm as you do to keeping it cool.

But you still need to have the furnace inspected and tuned-up each year. You will need it at some point, and we may be in for an especially rainy winter this year. Furnaces that don’t receive annual inspections put your household at a number of risks, such as…

  • Safety hazards – Although a gas furnace is not an inherently “dangerous” heating system, any device that uses natural gas poses a possibility of carbon monoxide leaks. Maintenance is partially a safety inspection for your furnace, and you’ll have greater peace of mind thanks to it.
  • Higher bills – You only use your furnace for a portion of the winter, so you don’t want to pay enormous bills for those times. Regular maintenance will see that the furnace works at its most efficiently.
  • Shorter equipment life – A furnace that has no maintenance is a furnace that will break down much earlier than it should. You don’t want to pay to replace a furnace five to ten years prematurely.

It’s easy to start with furnace maintenance. You only need to give our heating specialists a call and sign up for our regular maintenance. In fact, during November we are offering a $55 Early Bird Special for furnace tune-ups. Get a jump on the cold weather and contact us today to arrange for your furnace inspection and tune-up.

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