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Plan in September for October Heating Maintenance

Summer weather in Southern California extends right through September and into October, with maybe a few spots of overcast and cooler days popping up during that time. Most homeowners won’t even think about turning on their heating systesm until December.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give some thought to your heating system during this time of the year—even when it’s occasionally over a 100°F outdoors! Planning heating maintenance in September for an October visit is a good timetable for preparing your home for whenever cooler weather arrives. It’s all too easy to forget heating maintenance entirely during a hot autumn in Southern California, so get on it now so that it’s taken care of!

Is heating maintenance really that important?

Yes, even in the Desert Communities of California! Maintenance helps a heater work for as many years as possible so that it will provide the best return on the initial investment in it. These regular tune-ups and inspections will also ensure that the heater works at the highest possible energy efficiency. You don’t want to waste immense amount of energy on running your heater during the small span of days when it has to work. If you have a gas furnace (the most common type of home heating system), maintenance is an essential part of keeping the system operating safely. Don’t let a year go by without this important service.

A professional maintenance program makes it easy

To make sure that you always have your fall heating maintenance—as well as your vital spring air conditioning maintenance—you only need to sign up for our maintenance program. Our technicians will take care of all the hard work, and we’ll remind you each time your system is due for its next inspection and tune-up. Contact our team today to find out more details about our maintenance program.

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