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Is Fall a Good Time to Schedule Your Duct Cleaning?

How long has it been since you’ve had the air ducts in your home cleaned? If your first thought upon hearing this question is, “I need to have my air ducts cleaned?”, you are definitely overdue for the job! In general, duct cleaning should be arranged every two to three years, depending on how much dust and dirt circulate through your home on average.

Ways to tell that you need fall ductwork cleaning

The fall is a good time to have your duct cleaning done. Your air conditioner has just gone through a long season of heavy work, and you’ll experience a break now as the temperature cools down. Here are some ways to tell that your ducts are ready for fall cleaning:

  • Take a look inside: This is easier than it sounds. Pick one of the vent openings in your house, remove the cover, and then reach inside with a digital camera. Take a photo using the flash. Then look over the image. If you see heavy dust clogging along the duct walls, it’s time to arrange for cleaning.
  • Increased energy bills: Did you notice a rise in the cost to run your AC during the summer? If repairs didn’t fix the problem, the issue might be with the dust and debris inside the air ducts creating airflow resistance.
  • Housecleaning is becoming harder: Is dust building up everywhere in your home, and all the sweeping and cleaning you do doesn’t seem to be eliminating it? This often means that the HVAC system is circulating a reservoir of dust around the rooms, and it will take thorough cleaning to get rid of it.

Duct cleaning requires professionals. The job involves more than wiping off the registers or placing a vacuum hose down an open vent cover. Make sure that you find a company experienced with ductwork services and arrange for duct cleaning with them.

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