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Help, My Air Conditioning Isn’t Sending Out Cold Air!

This isn’t a situation you ever want to run into during a hot Southern California summer day: an air conditioning system that’s only sending out room-temperature air, rather than the crisp, cooled air you expect.

The first thing to keep in mind when you run into an AC that isn’t doing its job is not to panic: the issue may be a simple one that you can correct yourself. And if it isn’t, there’s help easily available with only a phone call to our professionals.

Here’s what you can do when you have a “no-cooling” emergency

First, check on the thermostat. It’s always possible there was an error in the settings that has caused the AC to believe that the compressor doesn’t need to come on. Modern programmable thermostats can sometimes be set incorrectly, so make sure that your climate controls are set the way you want them.

Second, see if you have a clogged air filter. The filter in the air conditioner needs to be replaced regularly throughout the summer, and if you start the season with a filter that’s already choked with debris, you may quickly run into problems. Insufficient warm air drawn across the AC’s evaporator coil will lead to a serious drop in cooling. Change the filter to see if this improves performance—and remember to keep changing the filter every 1 to 3 months.

Third, if the AC isn’t running at all, either the fan or compressor, take a look at the circuit breaker box. It’s possible that the air conditioner’s circuit breaker has tripped and cut off its electrical power. Reset the breaker to see if this solves the problem. If the air conditioner trips the circuit breaker again, then you should call for repairs, as this usually indicates something wrong with the air conditioner’s electrical system.

If you go through these steps, but they don’t solve your no-cooling issues, than simply pick up the phone and contact our technicians. We offer 24-hour repair service, and we’ll get your home cool in no time at all.

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