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Does Heating Maintenance Really Do Any Good?

A few weeks ago, when it was still officially summer, we posted about the importance of getting heating maintenance scheduled during October. It’s still hot here in the Southern California deserts, and that means you have time to arrange for maintenance if you haven’t done so yet.

You might think that this seems a bit extreme. Is this maintenance job that important, and does it have to be done every year? The answer is yes all around, as we’ll show below.

Here are ways heating maintenance makes a difference

  • Safety: If you have a natural gas furnace for a heating system, it must have an annual inspection from licensed HVAC technicians. This will uncover if the furnace has any repair issues that will lead to unsafe conditions if not corrected. This includes cracked heat exchangers and blocked flues. You don’t want to worry about the safety of your family during the days when your furnace is running.
  • A longer service life for your equipment: You may not use your heating system as often as homeowners in other parts of the country, but any amount of use will lead to the system wearing down. Maintenance keeps age from catching up with your heater too fast, and you can enjoy a better return on your investment in the system.
  • Saves money on day-to-day costs: If you simply let your heater go year after year without inspections, cleanings, and adjustments, it will respond by draining more power as it works. Maintenance protects the efficient operation of your heating system, so you’ll save money every day it runs.
  • It stops inconvenient breakdowns: We’re fortunate that when a heating system fails here, it doesn’t pose a serious threat the way it might in, say, Minnesota. It’s still a large inconvenience, however, and one that’s easy to avoid thanks to maintenance.

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