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Best Ways to Get Started with Better Indoor Air Quality for Your Home

If you have concerns about the quality of the air in your home, you’re not alone. Numerous residential (as well as commercial) buildings today suffer from an excess of airborne contaminants circulating through the HVAC system. The heavy insulation that seals off buildings from outdoor temperatures tends to worse these problems, since it prohibits fresh air from sweeping through to remove the contaminant build-up. But there are methods to improve your air quality, and here are some good ways to get started.

  • First, take stock of what problems in your house have altered you to the air quality problem. Increased allergy and asthma symptoms? A higher level of dust that requires more cleaning than normal? A general stuffy feeling to the air? A problem keeping cool in the summer even when the AC is blasting? Write down a list of everything.
  • Call on professional indoor air quality specialists, like ours. Explain you’re looking for IAQ solutions, and then provide the technicians with your list of warning signs. This will give the experts a good head start for figuring out ways to cleanse your air.
  • The IAQ specialists will come to your house and investigate the sources of your air quality issues, and then run through the options with you.
  • You’ll likely require an air filter of some kind as the first step. These filters will tackle larger particles moving through the HVAC system, and in some cases these will be all you need for the best possible air quality.
  • Duct sealing may be a key to the problem—the major source of particles getting into the ventilation. Our technicians are capable of sealing ductwork, and they’ll find out if this is the trouble.
  • The specialists will recommend any specific air purifiers or humidifiers/dehumidifiers necessary to eliminate other types of air quality issues.

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