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3 Ways We Can Help You Save Money on Summer Cooling

We live in a part of the country that experiences summer weather best described as frequently brutal. When it gets hot in the Southern California deserts, it gets hot. Simply getting through the day requires a powerful air conditioning system putting in steady work. This translates into high electrical bills during the season.

You may just accept the steep costs of keeping your home livable during this time of year. There’s no way to avoid a rise in how much electricity you use during the summer—but you’re probably paying too much. Something as simple as poor use of the thermostat can waste power. (The Department of Energy has some good tips on effective thermostat settings for cost-cutting.)

We want to focus on the ways our team can assist you with making air conditioning costs less painful. These jobs require an outlay of money, of course, but they pay you back with energy efficiency and equipment longevity. Turn to our team for these services:

ONE: Schedule Regular Maintenance (And Never Skip It!)

We mention air conditioning maintenance often during spring, because it’s the essential step for dependable and energy-efficient AC performance during the summer. Sign up for our maintenance program and you’ll have this vital job taken care of each year—giving your air conditioner a long, energy-saving life.

TWO: Have Your Ducts Cleaned and/or Sealed

One of the reasons your air conditioner may be costing such a king’s ransom to operate is because the ventilation system has air leaks letting cooled air escape and go to waste. You may also have duct interiors covered with so much dust and lint and other debris that they’re restricting airflow. If you suspect ductwork is a reason for your high bills, have our technicians investigate. We offer duct sealing service as well as duct cleaning.

THREE: Replace the AC with an Energy-Efficient New Unit

This is the big one… but it’s often the choice that makes the most significant difference and long-term satisfaction. An aging air conditioning system is among the major causes for skyrocketing energy costs. At a certain point, usually when an AC has been in place for 15 years or more, repairs can only do so much to improve the situation. Since repairs cost money, continuing with them to keep the air conditioner scraping by with subpar energy performance is throwing more money at a worsening problem.

If you’re in this situation—an old air conditioner you continue to use year after year—replacing it is the ideal option. Not only will our technicians locate the best replacement unit to install, we’ll see it works with higher energy efficiency than your current one did even when new. There are options for high-efficiency air conditioning systems that leave old ones in the dust as far as savings go.

For exceptional air conditioning services in Cathedral City, CA, you only have to call on us. We have loyal employees, many of them NATE-certified, and we offer top-quality customer service. Ask about the high-efficiency cooling systems we install.

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