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Reasons to Call Emergency Heating Repair Service

Here in Redlands, heating issues only tend to crop up for brief periods during the year, such as this past week when heavy rains and low temperatures have kept a lot of people inside. You need your heater to run efficiently during such periods, and when it needs repairs, you want to take care of it as quickly as possible. Many repair services offer 24-hour calls for emergencies, but when is such a call necessary? That can be a tough question to answer, especially if you’re caught between a malfunctioning heater and a reluctance to pay the extra fee that usually accompanies an after-hours service call.

Here are some reasons to call emergency heating repair service rather than waiting until regular business hours.

  • The weather is especially cold. You can safeguard against cooler weather without a heater, provided you’re able to bundle up and/or make use of alternate forms of heating such as a fireplace. In those scenarios, you can probably wait a few hours for a non-emergency repair session. In the event that isn’t sufficient – if you’re feeling the chill despite any low-tech precautions – then you might want to schedule an emergency session.
  • A family member’s health is at stake. Children, elderly family members and anyone who’s sick may not be able to endure a lengthy session without heat. If you have any significant returns regarding your family’s health, then you should call a repair service day or night rather than asking them to tough it out.
  • You run the risk of further damage. A minor repair usually isn’t an emergency and if the heater continues to run, you might put aside a lingering issue until such time as a technician can be summoned. If running the heater would cause further damage, however, and if you’re looking at an unacceptable scenario if you let it wait, then an emergency session is the right thing to do.

For more reasons to call emergency heating service in Redlands, CA, or even just make an appointment for a regular service call, give the experts at Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We handle repairs throughout the Inland Empire, both emergency and non-emergency, and we treat every session as if we were handling our own heaters. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do!

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