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Duct Sealing with Aeroseal

Leaks in air ducts are one of the major sources of energy efficiency loss in an HVAC system. Studies by the U.S. Department of Energy have shown that up to 30% of the heated/cooled air moving through a ventilation system can be lost to air leaks. That’s energy needlessly going to waste. If you have noticed that your heating and cooling bills are going up and you can’t account for it, you may need to have duct sealing done.

Professional Air Duct Sealing

However, you cannot do duct sealing on your own. (Duct tape isn’t an option, since it actually was never intended for use on ducts in the first place.) It requires professionals who have tools such as mastic sealant and metallic tapes.

However, our duct sealing team uses a special process that goes beyond what these standard methods can do. It’s called Aeroseal.

How Aeroseal Duct Sealing Works

The Aeroseal process is a way of sealing ducts that not only closes up leaks, but also locates them in the process. Our technicians seal off your ventilation system and then send small adhesive particles into it. These particles move toward any spots where air is escaping from the vent, i.e. the leaks. The particles stick to the leaks and rapidly build up until the leaks are fully closed off.

The process is fast and effective, getting the job done in only a short time. After the main work is done, the technicians test the ducts to see that the ventilation system isn’t still leaking and its airtightness has been restored. They then print up a certificate that summarizes the results so you can see the beneficial change made in your ductwork.

If you have reason to believe that your ducts have lost their airtight integrity, contact us to test the ductwork and provide the sealing necessary to get your HVAC system back into peak shape.

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