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Why You Must Never Try to Fix a Furnace on Your Own!

Here in the So. California deserts, the winter isn’t as intimidating a season as in the northern and Midwestern parts of the country. Yet the winter nights can turn cool, and you’ll need your home’s furnace to put in part-time work through the season. When your furnace starts to show signs that it isn’t working its best, do you tinker with it to see if you can fix it? Don’t! This is a job that requires professionals, and we’ll explain why.

The gas furnace danger

In most jurisdictions it is illegal to repair a gas furnace unless you are a licensed professional. This is true for any appliance hooked to a gas main (so don’t try to repair that gas oven or gas range yourself either). The risk of creating gas leaks and CO poisoning is too large, and there are also combustion concerns. Only a professional with the right credentials, training, and tools can ensure that a furnace is repaired properly so it will leave your family in safety and comfort.

What if I have an electric furnace?

The same applies. There isn’t a legal restriction in most cases on repairing an electric furnace, but all HVAC companies, as well as electricians, advise strongly against it. There’s a chance of suffering a high voltage shock due to an accident. But the more likely trouble will come from basic errors that will lead to an electric furnace that can’t do its job adequately. Trying to restore a busted heating element inside the furnace may end up creating more damage. And getting any repair done correctly will require too much time and labor. It’s worth it to hire professionals who are guaranteed to get the work done right and done in a timely manner. You don’t want to wait too long to have your furnace up and working again.

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