Jul 16 2018 russelladmin
No, Seriously: You Need Your Furnace Tuned-Up

The deserts of Southern California have a nation-wide reputation for their intense heat. But what people may not know is that winter nights here can often get a bit nippy. No, we won’t get any sympathy from someone who lives in Milwaukie, but with evening averages often in the 40s, what we do need is working heating system in our home. Sympathy from a working furnace—we can settle for that!

And that’s why we’re making one last plea before the winter officially starts: if you haven’t signed up for our heating system maintenance yet, now is the time to get on top of it. We’ll put you on the schedule to see that your furnace is ready for when the cold nights become a regular occurrence.

But I don’t need the furnace that often…

Yes, we know. We hear this explanation from people all the time. A furnace in So. Cal doesn’t get the same amount of work stress as one in the northern parts of the country, but they also spend a longer time inactive during the hot weather—and that can lead to problems as well, such as a furnace that isn’t ready to go when the time comes.

Plus, there’s the safety issue. Gas furnaces are the most common type of furnace found in homes because they help reduce energy bills. But any gas appliance can turn into a health hazard if it doesn’t receive regular inspections and tune-ups. You may not use your furnace much, but that doesn’t mean it will never pose a safety problem for your house.

Finally, regular furnace maintenance is a money-saver. It means less spent on repairs, less spent on energy consumption, and less spent on having to replace the furnace years before it’s time. Annual furnace maintenance is an important investment in your home—no matter where that home is.

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