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Is It Too Late to Schedule Heating Maintenance for the Season?

We may be in for a rougher, cooler winter this season in California, with long stretches of rain. This is still a milder winter season than much of the rest of the country will experience, but it’s still a reason for concern when it comes to caring for a home’s heating system.

HVAC companies strongly recommend that homeowners arrange for maintenance from professional technicians each fall for their heating systems, no matter if the heater is a furnace, heat pump, ductless mini split, or radiant heater. Unfortunately, people often forget to schedule this service, and when the winter arrives they believe that it’s too late to bother.

But you shouldn’t do this! If you haven’t called us to sign up for our heating maintenance, it’s not too late. Don’t wait around for the fall and skip a whole year. Here are some reasons why:

  • Protect your home from a sudden system breakdown: Without a maintenance inspection and tune-up, your heating system is at a higher risk of abruptly failing… and probably during one of the coldest days of the winter.
  • Keep the system running safely: This is especially important if you use a gas furnace for your home’s comfort. Gas furnaces and radiant systems can create a risk of carbon monoxide leaks if they are left without proper routine care. Technicians will find any area where the heater requires repair work that will see that it continues to run safely.
  • Stop needlessly high bills: A heater that misses its annual inspection, tune-up, and cleaning will start to drain more power than it should. On average, a heating system will drop 5% in energy efficiency every year that it goes without maintenance. You don’t want to spend extra money to get the same level of heating.
  • Fewer repairs: You will cut down on the number of repairs the system might need thanks to maintenance.

Call Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning today to sign up for our regular maintenance program. We serve Loma Linda, CA and throughout the Inland Empire and Desert Communities.

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