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Let’s Look Over Your Heating System for Repairs—Before You Need It!

Russell's Heating and Air ConditioningYou might see the word heating in the title of this post and feel a laugh coming on. The temperatures outside are still hitting 100°F during the middle of the day! You’ve already got enough heat on your mind, and using your home air conditioning system as efficiently as possible so you can make it through this fall heat wave is priority #1.

However, much of home comfort is about planning: anticipating your needs so you can have them taken care of before they become actual needs. We do experience cool winter evenings here in the Southern California deserts, and if you want your heat pump, gas furnace, or electric furnace to work its best from the start, it’s a smart idea to use the time when you don’t need a heater to see if there are any problems with it.

It Begins with Regular Fall Maintenance

Before you get deep into November, busy planning for holidays and guests and a million other things, take a short moment to contact our offices to schedule your annual heating maintenance inspection and tune-up. This gives our skilled technicians an opportunity to carefully look over your heater (no matter what type) to locate places that need repairs. These are the sorts of repairs you may not even notice when the heater first turns on in winter, but which will start causing power drain and wasted money from the first—and then the malfunctions will start.

Our heating experts examine all the components in your heater:

  • The blower fan
  • The filters (we’ll replace them, and show you how to do it the rest of the season)
  • The main burner, which we’ll clean if necessary
  • Leaks in the cabinets
  • The heat exchanger to check for cracks
  • The flue
  • All electrical connections
  • The gas valve
  • The fan belt
  • The pilot light/electronic ignition system

There’s tune-up work involved as well, such as adjusting burner flames and lubricating motors.

Don’t Delay if You Do Need Repairs

If our technicians find something wrong with your heater that can’t be fixed on the spot as part of the tune-up, they’ll help you schedule the repair work necessary. It’s important not to delay with these just because it’s still hot outside and you have a hard time imagining needing the heating system. You don’t want to try to arrange for these repairs after you start using your heater. It’s inconvenient, and you’ll be wasting energy and placing the system at a high risk of breaking down—making the repair costlier.

If you use a gas-powered furnace, the repairs are especially important since there’s the potential for gas leaks and combustion hazards. A big part of maintenance is ensuring you have a safe heating system as well as an effective one.

In addition to working with air conditioning concerns of all kind, we also provide heating repair in Palm Desert, CAand elsewhere in the Inland Empire and the Desert Communities. Start this fall by arranging first for an inspection and tune-up through our maintenance program.

Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning is open 24 hours to see to your comfort needs.

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