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Some Ladder Safety Tips for Safe Holiday Decorating

Safety during the winter holiday season in Southern California presents a number of different challenges than it does in many other parts of the country. After all, “winter” is a relative term in the Inland Empire and the Desert Communities. We’ll experience some cooler days and perhaps cold nights, as well as some rain, and wearing light jackets outside might be necessary. But since we don’t receive snow and freezing cold days, we don’t have many concerns about dangers from slick roads and pavements, or worries about letting our pets outside.

Actually, our #1 safety concern during the holidays is ladder safety! Each year, more than 164,000 people in the U.S. are treated in emergency rooms because of improper use of a ladder. Unless you’re someone who uses a ladder a part of your regular job, you probably only use the ladder extensively around the holidays for interior and exterior decorating. Our HVAC team is experienced with ladder use, so here are some tips for using your ladder safely. That way you’ll spend your holidays at home with your family, and not at the hospital!

  • Face the ladder when climbing: Don’t back up on a ladder, as this is one of the easiest ways to lose your balance.
  • Don’t step on the top step or the bucket shelf: There is a good reason that these are marked as “not a step.” Take heed to that warning.
  • Make decorating a two-person job: It’s much more fun to decorate the outside of a house in pairs, but it’s also much safer. Have another person steady the ladder whenever you climb it.
  • Always place the ladder on level ground: When you’re setting the ladder in place, test it to see if it rocks back and forth on its feet. If it does, move it to another spot where it’s stable.
  • Inspect the ladder before using it: If you have an older ladder, make sure that it doesn’t have loose screws, broken hinges, or rust.

Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning wishes you and your family a safe and happy holiday season. Call us for heating service in Calimesa, CA and the surrounding areas.

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