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Is It Time for Regular Duct Cleaning?

Winter preparation tends to be a somewhat… mellow… affair here in the deserts of Southern California. Yes, we can expect a bit of rain, and some nights when it gets cool enough to turn on the heater for a stretch. Hey, we can even enjoy a nice fire in the fireplace! But it is nothing like Minnesota or many other parts of North America.

So, with less of the really hard work of winter preparation to take care of, there are some tasks that may not have occurred to you that are great to schedule at this time: professional duct cleaning is one of them.

Air Duct Cleaning Frequency

Cleaning the air ducts in a home has often gotten a bit of a bad rap because disreputable door-to-door offers that are really nothing more than at too-expensive fast vacuuming job. But duct cleaning from licensed professionals is another matter entirely: a complete deep cleaning that can give you a great performance from your HVAC system and even improve your air quality. It’s absolutely worth it to go to experienced HVAC professionals.

But how often? We recommend every three years—although your frequency may increase if there is a great amount of dust in your home. When you call on our team, they can help you arrange for a regular schedule of cleaning that works ideally for your house.

If you have never arranged for air duct cleaning in your house before—and this is a common occurrence since people rarely give much thoughts to the hidden ductwork—then you’re overdue for cleaning! We can almost guarantee it. Call us and we’ll see exactly what you need done.

Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers high quality air duct cleaning as well as other air duct services in Palm Desert, CA and elsewhere in the Inland Empire and the Desert Communities.

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