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Why Do I Have Hot and Colds Spots in My Home?

This is a question that we sometime hear from our clients: “Why am I finding cold and hot spots around my house?” This is a result of uneven heating and cooling, and there are a number of different reasons for it to occur. We’ll look at some of the more common as well as what you can do to restore the even comfort in your household.

Hot and Cold Spots—Why It Happens

  • The simplest reason is because of heat escaping or entering a room through a window or other air leak. Check to make sure windows in the hot/cold areas are secure and there are no draughts entering.
  • Problems with the ventilation system are one of the most common reasons for uneven temperatures around a house. If the ductwork develops leaks or gaps along its length, it will cause a loss of air flow to certain rooms, making them either too hot or too cold. The air inside the ducts will also change temperature as heat either enters from outside or escapes. This is a serious situation that will not only affect your comfort, it will cause a rise in your energy bills and place unnecessary stress on the AC and heater.
  • It’s possible that the problem is a loss of output for the air conditioning and heating system. When either starts to malfunction and lose its capabilities, the more distant rooms along the ventilation system will start to experience a loss of comfort first. Uneven heating and cooling is therefore often an early warning sign that the AC or heater needs to have professional repairs.

It’s vital that you don’t ignore these hot and cold spots appearing in your living space. Call for HVAC professionals to come to your assistance and discover what needs to be repaired.

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