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Furnace Replacement? Now Is a Good Time For It!

Here’s a problem that we’ve seen in Southern Californian homes before: a furnace starts to fail to do its job, producing inferior heat, struggling to start up, or shutting off too early. And yet the homeowners don’t do anything to replace it because they imagine they can bundle up a bit and wait until the warm weather starts again.

But, if your home has an old furnace that’s no longer able to do its job, you have to have it replaced. Leaving it there not only means discomfort, but also a spike in costs to run it and the possibility of safety hazards (if it’s a gas furnace, which are the most common type). Upgrading to a higher efficiency furnace will give you many years of worry-free comfort, and the energy savings will help it begin paying for itself the moment it turns on for the first time.

Safety, safety, safety!

We can’t emphasize this enough—we talked about it yesterday when discussing heating maintenance. For any gas-powered heating system, there’s a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning and combustion damage when the system becomes decrepit. The effect of combustion gasses on the metal in a furnace over time can lead to corrosion, and this creates a higher chance of hazardous cracks in the heat exchanger. Don’t let an old gas system hang around if it isn’t working right!

Upgrading your furnace is easier than ever right now!

Until the end of the month (January 2017), we are offering a special to make putting in that new, better furnace as easy as possible. You can have a furnace upgrade for as low as $17.25 per week with no interest. (On approved credit. Some restrictions may apply.) Call our heating professionals to find out the details—and to schedule your new furnace installation.

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