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Client Question: “Can I Get My AC Maintained in March?”

The spring weather starts early in Southern California. In fact, it doesn’t really ever leave. We enjoy a perpetual spring and summer season here with occasional winter-like interruptions. You do have to be prepared for those interruptions with a quality heating system, but most of your attention to your home comfort needs will go toward the air conditioner.

Professional maintenance for air conditioning systems should be done in the spring, and the earlier the better. So the simple answer to the question, “Can I get my AC maintained in March?” is “yes.” The longer answer is, “Not only can you, but you should.” March is actually an ideal time to have this job done, and below are some of the reasons why.

  • Beat out surprise heat waves: Any time in Southern California is the right time for a heat wave to hit. You don’t want your air conditioner to be caught unprepared, suffering from inefficient performance or major malfunctions when the temperature suddenly spikes past the high 80s. March maintenance will see that your AC system is in great shape for whenever the first major heat wave of 2016 arrives.
  • Give yourself time for repairs: One of the key jobs in air conditioning maintenance is to find places where the system needs to have repairs done. The HVAC technician inspects all the components of the AC to find out if there are refrigerant leaks, worn down motors, bent fan blades, or any other issue that will require professional repairs to fix. You will then have enough time to arrange for the repairs before the hot weather starts.
  • Take advantage of the “slow” season: Air conditioning and heating contractors have the lowest number of emergency service calls during this time of the year since it falls between the period of the highest and lowest temperatures. With these less busy schedules, you will have an easy time scheduling a convenient appointment for your AC maintenance.

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