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Why Install a Commercial Cooling Tower?

A cooling tower is a heat ejection device that cools water temperature and releases the removed heat straight up into the atmosphere. Some commercial cooling towers are simply immense, such as the 600-foot tall structures associated with nuclear power plants. However, you can also benefit from much smaller rooftop cooling towers, which are an extraordinarily helpful and often necessary way to remove the heat from industrial and manufacturing equipment, performing a job that a standard air conditioning system cannot.

Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning offers full services for commercial cooling towers in Yucaipa, CA. If you want to install cooling towers, we have the equipment and skill to do the job. If you need your current cooling tower repaired, give us a call. If you need maintenance to keep your cooling tower working its best, we can also handle all the work for you.

What a cooling tower can do for your business

Not every business uses a cooling tower or necessarily needs one—but for the businesses that will benefit from one, they are essential. There are many different kinds of cooling towers to fit different needs (you certainly don’t require the same kind of cooling tower for your company that a nuclear power plant uses). The two main types of cooling towers are natural draft and induced draft models. A natural draft cooling tower uses the tall chimney shape to eject heat in rising moist air. An induced draft model uses a fan that helps prevent recirculation of the hot air. There are also hybrid models known as fan-assisted natural draft cooling towers the combine both.

A cooling tower offers much lower temperature than through standard air conditioning systems, and this makes them important for businesses that use powerful heat-generating equipment, such as massive computer servers or immense industrial machines. If your company has a commercial chiller to keep equipment cooled down, a cooling tower is a vital addition to properly vent out heat. Some other operations where a commercial cooling tower is useful, and possibly mandatory, are large manufacturing planets, generator plants, chemical plants, thermal power stations, and large air conditioning and heat pump systems that must handle the needs of a building.

Because of the variety of cooling towers available for a business, you must have professionals with years of knowledge help you find the right one for your company. It must be the right size to eject the amount of heat you need and of a type that matches your business.

To get started with excellent installation of commercial cooling towers in Yucaipa, CA, give Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning a call.

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