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A Few Tips for Keeping Your Gas Furnace Running Safely

The most common type of heater found in U.S. homes is the natural gas furnace. There are a few good reasons why this heating system is so popular: it can deliver an immense amount of heat and it costs less to run than using an electrical furnace. Chances are good that your home has a furnace to take care of your family’s comfort needs during the mild Southern California winters.

But gas furnaces require some special precautions to make sure that they will run as safely as possible during the season. A gas furnace isn’t a “dangerous” appliance, per se, but you should always take a few steps to see that your furnace won’t create hazards in your home:

  • Schedule fall maintenance: This is the most important part of maintaining a safe furnace. During a professional maintenance visit, a technician will inspect the whole system to locate any places where adjustments and repairs will help prevent hazardous malfunctions. The technician will look for gas leaks and check for cracks in the heat exchanger, and then test the CO levels. Afterwards, you’ll know your furnace is in excellent condition.
  • Clear the area around the furnace cabinet: Do not store items right beside your furnace, since the cabinet grows hot when it’s running and will cause combustible material to ignite.
  • Change the air filter monthly: This is something your technician can show you how to do during the maintenance session. Regularly changing (or cleaning) the furnace’s air filter will prevent possible hazardous breakdowns.
  • Check your CO detectors: You should have carbon monoxide detectors in your home as a precaution when you have natural gas appliances. Check each detector before the winter starts to see if any need repairs or new batteries.

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