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How to Make Sure Your Furnace Runs Efficiently

Your furnace is built to last for many years, with parts that are resistant to wear and tear, a number of built-in safety features, and a filter to keep debris from interfering with the operation of your unit. And yet, as the years go on, you may begin to notice that you spend more and more money on heating every year. Thankfully, Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning knows a few ways to improve this situation, and we discuss three of them below.

Change the Filter

When we tell people that some of their heating trouble is caused by a dirty filter that needs to be changed, we’re often asked, “But isn’t the filter just meant to help with air quality?” Well, the filter actually serves a couple of purposes. Yes, it eliminates contaminants from the air that you breathe every day. But it also helps to protect the furnace itself from debris that could get sucked into the fan and damage the motor. However, if the filter becomes too clogged, it blocks off airflow to the furnace, which means the unit will not be able to work as it should, taking longer to heat your home and running inefficiently.

Schedule Maintenance

Maintenance is the best way to tell if your furnace is in good shape so that you can schedule repairs before a sudden breakdown. And it’s a good way to keep your monthly bills down. Technicians will clean and adjust multiple portions of your unit, which can keep a unit running at peak efficiency throughout the heating season. A furnace works best when it is in top shape, which is why cleaning parts like the flame sensor and checking on pressure and temperature levels is such a vital service.

Consider a Replacement

Unfortunately, sometimes an older inefficient unit just won’t get much better. But if you schedule replacement services, you can get a furnace that won’t just perform better; it will also save you some money. Over time, the parts of a furnace wear down so that it has to run for long periods of time to raise temperatures in the house. Besides, older furnaces used a standing gas pilot which used up a lot of energy keeping a flame lit at all times. But today’s units are highly efficient so that you can begin to see the energy savings right away.

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