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You Need Professionals for AC Maintenance: Here’s Why

As spring moves toward the even greater heat of summer, it’s important to remember to schedule your annual air conditioning maintenance as soon as possible. The longer you wait to have this vital service done, the more crowded HVAC contractors’ schedules will get and the more benefits you’ll pass up. You want your air conditioning system in the best shape before the harshest weather of the year arrives.

Why can’t you do this job on your own?

You might think that you can handle the maintenance for your air conditioner as a DIY project. But unless you’re a licensed HVAC professional with experience handling refrigeration equipment (an AC is a refrigeration device) you can’t hope to provide the work that maintenance requires.

  • Cleaning: Let’s start with keeping the system clean. Spray a garden hose over the outdoor cabinet simply isn’t enough. Proper professional cleaning requires technicians access the inside of the cabinets to clean off motors and other interior components. Cleaning the outdoor coil (and sometimes the indoor coil) requires special equipment like chemical foams.
  • Inspections: Professional maintenance technicians follow a detailed checklist to run down inspections for every important system and component inside the air conditioner. The scope of these inspections is beyond what an amateur can do. Plus, someone without experience will have no idea what signs to look for that indicate there’s a repair problem.
  • Tune-ups: An experienced HVAC technician will know exactly how to go about making necessary adjustments and tune-ups so the air conditioner will run at its best. These jobs include recharging any lost refrigerant, tightening loose electrical connects, clearing the condensate line, recalibrating the thermostat, and lubricating motors. All of these jobs require expert training.
  • Speed: Finally, think of the time you’ll save when you turn to professionals. The average maintenance visit will only last an hour—and then you’ll have an air conditioner that’s ready for the rest of the summer. It’s a simple but immensely useful and money-saving investment.

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