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Why Are Rooftop Units So Popular for Commercial HVAC?

Although there are many different types of HVAC systems to provide comfort for businesses, most people are familiar with the sight of heating and cooling units located on the top of commercial buildings. These rooftop units are one of the most popular ways for a building to receive year-round comfort. If you are curious about why this is so, we have some answers for you.

The benefits of the rooftop HVAC unit

The first reason that so many property owners use rooftop units is to save space. In the early days of electro-mechanical heating and cooling, HVAC systems “migrated” to the top of buildings because the older downtown areas simply lacked sufficient space around them to fit a large cooling and heating unit. Manufacturers started to create units that could be housed on the roofs. As businesses expanded to more open, suburban areas, the rooftop units remained.

It isn’t just tradition that kept the HVAC systems up on building roofs, however. There are other advantages. One is that the rooftop location removes the system from human interference, such as vandalism or accidents. It also makes the area around the business look much more attractive, with no industrial clutter. Another reason for staying with rooftop units is that they reduce the amount of noise pollution within the workplace; the only sound people hear from the air conditioning and heating is what comes through the vents.

Most rooftop HVAC systems are packaged units, which means they contain both the evaporator and condenser in a single cabinet, rather than having them split between an indoor and outdoor cabinet, as is common with residential HVAC. This is useful for businesses because it saves space inside and makes the HVAC system easier to maintain.

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