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Should You Install Ductless Mini Splits for Your Home?

It’s already June, and the official start of summer is only two weeks away. The hot temperatures are going to grow even hotter… and you’ll be glad that you have an effective air conditioning system to cool down your house during the next few months.

If you’re thinking that perhaps you should have your old AC taken out and a new one put in, then you have some different choices to consider, such as special high efficiency systems. One of the options is a ductless mini split, a system that works through a series of wall-mounted air handlers that send cooled air directly into the rooms.

Below are some situations in which going with a ductless system installation is a particularly good idea:

You don’t have a central AC/or heating system

Have you been using window air conditioning units to cool down your house? Then it’s definitely time to upgrade. If you’ve been using window units because your home doesn’t have ductwork, a ductless mini split is the ideal choice. You’ll enjoy the benefits of a central air conditioning system without having to make major changes to your house. Plus, since most ductless systems are heat pumps, you’ll also have a central heating system whenever you need it.

You’re looking to save on energy bills

Along with installing a high-efficiency air conditioning system, a ductless mini split system is an excellent way to lower your energy bills. Ductless systems consume less power because they use smaller motors and fans, and they don’t gain any heat through the walls of ducts. Because the air handlers can be operated separately from each other, you’ll only need to cool down the occupied areas of your house, which will also help save energy.

You want improvement to your air quality

Ducts are a collection point for many types of air pollutants, and each time the air conditioning fan turns on, these pollutants will be blown out into a home’s air. Removing ducts from the equation means healthier air in general.

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