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When Does AC Maintenance Season Start? It’s Always Hot Here!

Russell's Heating and Air ConditioningAny quality HVAC company—one that cares about your family’s comfort—will recommend you have an annual maintenance inspection and tune-up for your cooling system. The same as with a vehicle, this regular maintenance is a way to prevent breakdowns and inefficient, costly performance.

There’s no season for vehicle maintenance, but when it comes to AC maintenance in Palm Desert, CA or the surrounding areas, the time usually recommended is spring. This is actually the recommended time across the country, from our roasting So. Cal. desert climate to the chills of a New England seaport. But when you consider how warm the weather here is for most of the year—including heat waves that can hit during the middle of winter—is there really any such thing as a “season” to arrange for AC maintenance? Can’t you have it done at any time?

The answer is, “yes and no.”

First, if it were always our choice, we’d recommend spring as the time to arrange for your regular AC maintenance with us. We have a maintenance program you can sign up for that will see you receive spring maintenance each and every year from one of our professionals. Doing the work in spring is advantageous because it preps the system right before the strongest heat of the year arrives; it’s also wise to have a system tune-up before it will be needed the most, rather than do it and then let the system sit around unused for a couple of months.

But, on the other hand, it’s much better to have maintenance done during a different season than to skip it outright. Each year an AC misses its maintenance appointment, it will start to suffer a decline in energy efficiency and an increase in the dangers of unnecessary repairs and a possible system shutdown. These aren’t risk you ever want to take, so it’s much better to schedule maintenance late than never.

If you haven’t had your maintenance done yet this year, having it taken care of in August is still a good option. There’s plenty of summer weather still ahead, stretching as it usually does deep into fall and arriving in early spring. You’re probably already spending too much to run the system as it is if you didn’t have maintenance, and our inspection and tune-up will help you get started with saving money. You can also count on us to locate any spot where your air conditioner may need to have a preventive repair to stave off worse problems. There’s never any bad time for learning about repair problems that you otherwise can’t detect.

We recommend you sign up for both air conditioning and heating maintenance with us. Late fall is the best time to have the heater serviced. You may not rely on it as much, but a well-maintained heater will last for longer, remain safer, and won’t inflate your winter bills needlessly.

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