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What You Can Expect with Air Conditioning Maintenance

Now that it’s spring, you should definitely schedule regular maintenance for your air conditioner sooner rather than later. Southern California warms up fast in spring, and true summer temperatures will start to strike long before the actual summer arrives. A maintenance inspection and tune-up will give your air conditioning system the best fighting chance against the harsh heat of the middle of the year: the AC will have less chance of breaking down, suffering from performance-impairing malfunctions, or wasting energy.

What happens during maintenance?

Understanding what AC maintenance technicians do when they go to homes to inspect and tune-up a cooling system will help you understand why this job is so important. Here are some of the steps technicians go through:

  • Check and calibrate the thermostat.
  • Clean or change the air filter (make sure you watch how this is done, since you’ll need to take care of this job yourself once a month during the summer).
  • Check on the level of refrigerant to determine if there are leaks, and refill the refrigerant to the proper level if necessary.
  • Check the pressure of the refrigerant
  • Lubricate all moving parts as necessary to reduce mechanical strain.
  • Remove and clean the evaporator coil and the condenser coil if they’re dirty.
  • Tighten electrical connections.
  • Check the voltage and amperage on the motors.
  • Clean the condensate drain and pan.
  • Check and adjust the air flow for proper temperature rise and fall.

All of these jobs should leave your air conditioner in top shape for the summer. If the technician finds anything that requires a more extensive repair, such as replacing a motor or sealing up leaking refrigerant lines, you’ll have enough time to arrange for the repair work before the summer begins.

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