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The Fall Change in the Air: Have an Air Purifier Installed!

“The Change in Seasons” isn’t a harsh shift here in Southern California. The summer heat stretches far into fall, and winter might mean some more rainy and overcast days, with the heat popping up again to force air conditioners back into service.

But there is still ­change in the air, and even if you don’t need to have a new heating system installed, there are other steps you can take to benefit your comfort and your household’s health during the end of the year. One of these steps is to have air filters and purifiers installed.

But aren’t these for spring and allergy season?

It’s true that spring is the prime period for allergies in most of the country. But in Southern California we encounter trouble during fall and winter because of the dry Santa Ana winds, which carry fungus spores and other sources of flu-like reactions in people. Air filters and especially air purifiers (such as the APCO Whole-House Air Purifier) are an immense help at protecting the inside of your house from the effects of these ill-winds, the famous “Red Wind” that detective author Raymond Chandler wrote about so powerfully. (“There was a desert wind blowing that night. It was one of those hot dry Santa Anas that come down through the mountain passes and curl your hair and make your nerves jump and your skin itch.”)

We strongly recommend the APCO Whole-House Purifier in the area, and our technicians are experienced with installation and service for a variety of APCO models. An APCO purifier eliminates chemicals, molds spores, the funguses carried on the Santa Ana winds, viruses, germs, volatile organic compounds (such as formaldehyde), as well as pet and cooking odors. And it does this using the natural power of UV-C lights and activated carbon—and it is ozone free! An APCO purifier will also keep mold away from your air conditioner coils, so you can also expect your AC to work its best whenever the hot days come back.

There are many other indoor air quality products available, and finding the right one to serve your household needs is easy: you only need to call our indoor air quality team.

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