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Get Those Air Conditioning Repairs Done Now!

Does your air conditioner have a few… quirks? You’ve probably already started to run your AC this year, since the hot weather always starts early and we’ve had some 90°+ days roll through. It’s extremely important that you have any repairs your air conditioner may need done now, or else you may end up with a non-working cooling system the next time the temperature climbs that high.

Here are a few issues to watch for that will warn you to get on the phone and call our technicians for AC repairs:

  • Hissing sounds: This is an early indication that an air conditioning system is losing refrigerant. The hissing is the sound of gaseous refrigerant escaping from the copper lines. A drop in refrigerant will not only cause a loss of cooling power, but it can cause damage to the compressor because of the change in pressure throughout the system. Professionals will locate the leaks, seal them, and then recharge the refrigerant to its factory level.
  • Grinding and other mechanical noises: These warning sounds usually point toward overly stressed motors that need lubrication or their bearings replaced. If you let the trouble continue, the motors responsible for running the fans and the compressor may burn out.
  • Ice along the indoor coil: You should never see ice anywhere on your AC. It may seem like something that might occur normally, but it isn’t. Ice on the evaporator coil will restrict the coil from absorbing heat, and it could mean a loss of refrigerant, a clogged filter, or some other major problem in the air conditioner.
  • Short-cycling: When an air conditioner starts up its cooling cycle, only to shut down soon after, and then repeats the process, it’s short-cycling. The compressor is not completing the full cooling cycle, and the level of stress on the AC will cause it to wear down rapidly as well as cost more to operate. There are many possible causes for short-cycling, so call on professionals to find out the problem behind it and have it fixed.

Do you need air conditioner repair done fast? You can call Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning for service in Indio, CA and throughout the Inland Empire and Desert Communities 24 hours a day.

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