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Summer’s Almost Over… But the Heat Isn’t! Here’s Some Late Season AC Tips

August is almost out the door, and we’re heading into September. But even though the summer season is in the rearview mirror, that doesn’t mean that your air conditioning system is going to receive much of a break. The hot weather is going to continue through much of the fall, and you risk an overstrained AC that could run into repair problems, inefficiency, even a complete breakdown.

If you scheduled a routine maintenance visit in the spring for the AC, the unit should be in good shape even with all the summer work. This reliability is one of the main reasons to have maintenance annually. There are still some concerns to watch for and steps you should take to see that the air conditioner remains in top shape.

Don’t forget to change the air filter

This needs to be done once a month, not just during the summer, but at any time the air conditioner runs on the regular basis. So if you’ve kept the air conditioner humming through much of September, you still need to change or clean the air filter in order for the AC to maintain its energy efficiency and avoid trouble from dirt and dust entering the cabinet.

Check around the condenser unit

The condenser is the outdoor cabinet of the air conditioner, and it needs to have about a foot of clearance on all sides in order to allow it to exhaust heat. Plants and tree branches may have grown closer to it over the summer, or rocks and debris blown around it. Clear away any blockages, and do some trimming to the foliage to give the condenser breathing space.

Raise the thermostat higher when you can

Keeping the thermostat steadily set at a comfortable temperature (such as 72°F) during summer will help conserve energy. But nudge it up a bit during this late warm period to help ease the stress on the system. See if you can stay comfortable at 75°F or even 78°F.

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