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Noises That Mean You Should Schedule Furnace Repair

Here in Palm Springs, CA furnace repair issues matter more than you might think. We live in a desert, which certainly means hot days. But nights can get very cold and if your furnace goes on the fritz, you could be looking at a chilly and uncomfortable household until you get it fixed. Learning to spot early signs of trouble is a good way to get on top of the problem quickly, before it creates a serious shutdown. Sounds, in particular, can clue you in to a growing issue with your heater: noises that mean you should schedule a furnace repair.

Generally speaking, any noise that you don’t recognize as part of the normal functioning of your heater probably merits a look by a professional. More specifically, anything that recurs or arises during specific parts of the heating cycle indicate a problem. Rattling or buzzing noises could mean a problem with the fan motor, while a scraping noise suggests a fan that has been dislodged and is grinding up against other components in the unit. Burners sometimes make a loud humming noise when they experience problems, and a whistling sound often indicates a leak somewhere in the system as air gets sucked in or out. Expanding metal in the ducts could make a creaking or a groaning noise, while faulty electrical components may result in an arcing or a buzzing sound.

In some cases, these noises don’t mean that anything is amiss. But even if they aren’t, it pays to have a trained technician take a look and let you know. If it is something wrong with the system, he or she can get a jump on it and fix it before it gets worse. Otherwise, you’re rolling the dice with your heater’s ability to function, and may end up with no heat at all just when you need it the most.

If you hear noises that mean you should schedule repair service with the Palm Springs furnace repair experts at Russell’s Heating and Air Conditioning can help. We serve all of Palm Springs, CA, furnace repair is something we take pride in, and we can pin down the source of the problem to make sure it stays fixed. Give us a call today!

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