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Get Ready for “Godzilla” El Niño with Furnace Maintenance!

Southern California experiences some of the mildest winters in the continental United States. Our “heating season” usually means a few cool days, some slighter colder nights, and the occasional rainfall. You need to have a working heating system for this time, but it isn’t as major a concern for most homes as keeping the air conditioner working.

However, this winter in Southern California may be much colder than usual. The prediction of a possible El Niño event in the coming months, one large enough to have earned it the nickname “Godzilla,” could result in heavy rains across California. You don’t need to panic about El Niño, but you should take precautions to see that you have the heating necessary to make it through the season in comfort.

Make sure your furnace is tuned-up!

You should schedule a maintenance visit from a professional technician every year to look over your furnace and clean and adjust it. This will help the furnace perform at its best through the winter and keep heating bills low. Maintenance will also extend equipment life so you receive the most years possible from your furnace.

Although we would never advocate skipping a year of maintenance, we understand that sometimes people simply forget about arranging it. Don’t let it slip your mind this year, not with a rainy El Niño on the horizon! If your furnace breaks down during a rainstorm, you’ll find it much harder to get repairs out to you in a timely manner. It’s much better to go into the season with a furnace that’s prepared for whatever might happen—including “Godzilla”!

Call Russell’s Heating & Air Conditioning today to sign up for our maintenance program. We’ll help you prepare for this winter, and we’ll be there each year after to make sure you have a great heating system. We serve Palm Springs, CA and through the Desert Communities.

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