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How Often to Change Your HVAC Filter

Spring is the season to arrange for air conditioning maintenance Indio, CA and elsewhere in the Inland Empire and the Desert Communities. The majority of maintenance services must be handled by an HVAC professional, which is why we recommend you sign up for our regular maintenance program. One of our highly trained technicians will come to your house to tune-up the AC, lubricate moving parts, check on refrigerant, clean components, and change the air filter. The program includes maintenance for your heater in fall as well.

We would like to talk a bit about the air filter, because changing it is something that needs must done on a routine basis, not only during spring maintenance. You must remove and change the filter yourself during the rest of the summer, and the continue doing the job during the fall and winter when the heating system is running. (In most HVAC systems, the heater and air conditioner use the same filter, which is attached close to the HVAC air handler.) A clean air filter in a requirement to keep the AC running at peak efficiency and to prevent trouble with airflow and frozen evaporator coils.

When to Change the HVAC Filter

How often do you need to change the filter? It depends on the type of filter you use, as well as how often you run the air conditioner. Since we experience intense heat here during the summer, we recommend you make a monthly check on the filter to see if it’s collected excess dust and dirt. Make a reminder to do this each time you receive a new utility bill.

Otherwise, here are some basic guidelines for the different types of filters and how often each needs to be changed.

  • Panel filters and permanent filters: A panel filter is the most basic type, a simple mesh of fiberglass fibers to stop the largest particles from coming through. They are inexpensive; you can purchase them in packs where each costs about a dollar. However, these filters must be changed often, usually once a month. This is also true for a permanent filter, which you’ll need to remove and clean on a monthly basis. (In general, we don’t recommend using permanent filters, which can start to develop mold and mildew in them, which decreases indoor air quality.)
  • Pleated filters: The next most powerful type of filter is the pleated filter, which is usually fashioned from polyester. They have a bit more airflow resistance, but they’re suitable for most residential air handlers. (If you aren’t sure about what strength to use, talk to our professionals and they’ll help you out.) These filters can last longer before they require a replacement, often up to 3 months. This means you can go a whole season with a single filter.
  • Whole-home media filters: These are thicker and deeper filters similar to pleated filters, but they are less likely to fold in and collapse, something that occasionally happens with pleated filters. Although these filters are the most expensive type, you can often get 6 months of service out of one before it needs to a replacement.

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